1) How to propose a new figurant?
Send your full name and direct link(s) to the Telegram bot @NurembergTrials_bot to his first-person statement in support of the war. Reposts are not suitable as evidence.

2) Which subjects are not published?
Citizens without direct speech in support of the war. For example, just posting Zvastika on your page, reposting propaganda or someone else’s quotes. Citizens who cannot be identified. Personal correspondence is not accepted for publication.

3) Why wasn’t the person I suggested published?
Perhaps there was no direct speech, could not be identified, or he is still being processed. Data that is technically difficult to publish is the last to be analyzed, but usually posted within 7 days. Also, your figurant may already be on the list, use the search by last name in the telegram application.

4) How many defendants are in the database?
There are about 7,000 figurants in the database, more than 4,000 have been processed. The database is expanding every day.

5) What is the project for?
According to article 354 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, all those who publicly supported “Putin’s special operation” are criminals.
After the fall of the Putin regime in Russia, these citizens will be held criminally liable.
In a number of countries, many of them are already facing sanctions (denial of entry visas, residence permits, seizure of accounts, deportation). In the Baltic countries, the defendants can be arrested.
After the end of the international court in The Hague (the process is not fast), there will be few places where the accomplices of the war will feel safe. The Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine has already begun to initiate cases against some of our defendants.

The full public list of processed persons is in the Telegram channel: @peremennn_re